ICBC Express Repairs
 Pro-Tech Collision  is an ICBC Approved Express Valet Car Shop. This means that (if you qualify) you will not have to make a visit to ICBC for an estimate. Simply bring your vehicle, claim number and insurance paperwork to us after reporting your accident and we'll take care of the rest!  SIMPLE, EASY & STRESS-FREE!!
Alternative Transportation for Insurance Claims
 We offer our customers a replacement rental vehicle to fit their alternative transportation needs. Whether you have purchased “Loss of Use” coverage or not you will be offered this service.  (Some restrictions may apply and everyone may not qualify.)
Valet Service
 If you do not qualify for a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired, a Pro-Tech Collision representative will drive you home ( max 30 KM) once you have dropped your car off for repairs. Customer pick up or vehicle drop off services to your home (max 30 KM)  or office are also available. Having your vehicle repaired has never been so easy and stress free!
Private Insurance Repairs
We can also provide speedy, high quality repairs for you if your main insurance coverages are carried through a private insurance company.  Some private insurance companies we have dealt with are : Canadian Direct Insurance, Family Insurance & Intact Insurance. We will provide you with alternative transportation ( as long as you qualify) and provide you with great quality work, great customer service and a limited lifetime guarantee.

Glass  Repairs
 We can also handle all of your glass needs, whether its through insurance or not. We can replace front, side and back glass as well as mirrors.

Body and Frame Repairs
 Our Wedge Clamp 360 Degree, 2 Tower  frame repair machine delivers a combination of power and precision. It can pull from any angle, 360 degrees around the vehicle. Repairs are always done with phenomenal accuracy to ensure your vehicle is returned to you as good as new!  We get one thing straight, your car! Guaranteed!
Parts Replacement
 We can replace almost any body part that you need for your vehicle.  (Fenders, doors, mirrors, glass, door handles, trunk lids, spoilers, headlamp/tail-lamp/parklamps bulbs etc.)    You can provide us with the parts of your choice or we can source them out for you.  We have access to multiple sources to find you the best deal availible. Whether is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part, recycled part or an aftermarket part, we will do our very best to find you what you need at a price that you can afford*.     (* DOES NOT APPLY TO ALL PARTS FOR ALL MAKES AND MODELS)

Refinishing and Being Environmentally Friendly
 We use premium quality  Sikkens paint in order to ensure a the best possible match every time.  As a leading global supplier of automotive coatings at the OEM and refinish level for more than 100 years, Sikkens offers the advanced technology, quality and color innovation you’d expect from a world leader. Sikkens offers us the most environmentally friendly paint on the market today! Sikkens is a technologically advanced waterborne paint, which due to its chemical makeup, reduces the amount of toxins that  escape into our atmosphere. All vehicles are sprayed in our paint booth which is lined with filters to protect our environment. Our booth helps to reduce the amount of toxins in the air as well as protecting your freshly painted car from dust and debris. Our booth utilizes a semi downward airflow system which delivers smooth and flawless painting results.